Wellness at our Gummersbach Hotel

Escape the daily grind and recharge your batteries

Whether you are planning a relaxing short break, a romantic weekend with your partner, a family get-together or wellness weekend with your best friend – at the Wyndham Garden Gummersbach Hotel you can switch off and boost your energy levels.The calm and idyllic location of the hotel admists the Bergisches Land is ideal for hiking, skiing and biking. For families we suggest a day excursion into the fantastic world of the Phantasialand.

Soothing massages at the Wyndham Garden Gummersbach Hotel

Warm forehead oil flow, soothing massages and professional cosmetic applications – let yourself be pampered in our hotel's wellness area. Traditional Ayurveda therapies transport you to a world of relaxation and stabilise your inner balance.

Top relaxation in attractive surroundings

Our Roman pool, with mosaic tiles immerses you in soothing relaxation; the sauna ensures warmth and well-being. The hotel's beautiful park complex, with a lake and fountain, neighbouring forest and the spectacular environment invite you to take romantic walks, long hikes and exciting bike tours.



Wyndham Garden Gummersbach Hotel
Hückeswagener Str. 4
51647 Gummersbach


Our massage and cosmetics services

Pure wellness - Face, body and head massages: Welcome drink, Ayurveda constitutional test, face, throat, shoulder, neck, head, full body massage. A must for tense muscles, tired skin and a stressed body. Abhyanga has a balancing effect on the entire body.

Pampering programme - Basic: Welcome drink, facial, full body massage, light beauty meal

Pampering programme - Extravagance: Welcome drink, facial, cleavage and throat pack, full body massage, manicure, pedicure, make-up, light beauty meal, parting gift

Partial body massages

Back, neck, hand, arm massage and foot bath

Massage, foot bath, exfoliation, pack, herbal steam bath, deep cleansing, finishing care

Full body massages

Arm, chest, stomach, leg, back, hand, foot, neck massage and foot bath

Massage, foot bath, analysis, dry brush massage, pack, finishing care

Traditional treatments

To supplement our Ayurveda programmes, we offer traditional massages, facial and cleavage treatments, which are also conducted in accordance with nature and using gentle, effective cosmetics.

Our services

Facial, cleavage treatment - Classic: Welcome drink, skin analysis, high-frequency treatments, herbal steam bath, deep cleansing, tonic exfoliation, mask, massage, finishing care.

Visit the website of our cosmetic partner Neah Namada.